Hire IWD: Benefits

Hire IWD: Benefits

Hire IWD: Benefits

Finding the best staff for your company or organization can be challenging. You want the right people for the job, people that can do the job and people that also reflect you and your organization in the best way. Companies that hire disabled people not only participate in job equality but improve their own image to the community and the business world. There are many other benefits to hiring people with disabilities, for the company and the person with the disability.

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is high, but it doesn't need to be. Some people are not able to work or choose not to, but many are more than willing and able to get out and earn their own way.

There are a few benefits for companies that hire disabled people, read on for more information.

Open your Doors, Open your Mind

By being a company that hires disabled people, you are showing off your diversity. To have a great diversity among your employees is an education. Education for all involved.

People learn from each other all the time, and opening our minds to people who are differently abled is a wonderful education. When we work together, we work better. When people get used to seeing someone with a white cane, a walker or wheelchair, it becomes second nature, and that is beneficial for the workers and disabled people everywhere.

  • Maybe you will learn a few words of sign language
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of people in wheelchairs
  • Improve your listening skills for people who have speech impediments
  • Learn Patience
  • Make a new friend
  • Find Love
it's the best way for people to 'get past' their hang-up or phobias of people with disabilities, and that is growth we can all use.

Widen the Job Pool

When you make the decision to include people with disabilities to compete for job openings, you also open yourself and your organization up to a lot more talent. If walking or seeing isn't part of the job description, then you need to seriously look at those resumes as viable candidates.

You may find someone who has years of experience and training in just what you are looking for, who has experienced some type of trauma and are now looking to get back in the workforce.

It is really for the employers benefit to become a company that hires disabled people, to widen the area you are hiring from and stay competitive

Company Benefits

Companies that hire people with disabilities know all too well the benefits they bring to the organization. it is much more difficult for them to get hired, so they have a greater appreciation for the job.

They are Reliable

They understand the importance of their own situation and tend to be far more dedicated, appreciative and dependable.They take fewer sick days, stay on the job longer and take fewer days off.

They worked hard to get the job and may have had problems in the past with employers or fellow workers. They show up and do the job, showing dedication and trustworthiness.

Less Injury

There tend to be far less work-related injuries and accidents among people with disabilities, as they are more aware and cautious where safety is concerned. This seems to be evident in labor jobs, clerical, service types jobs and in managerial positions.

Diversity Factor

Not only do your other workers benefit from the diversity of having co-workers who are people with disabilities, but being a company that hires disabled people is great for customer service, as well.

Your customers see the wide scope of employees ad that is just good business smarts. It makes people want to continue to use your organization, it spreads goodwill in the community and allows people to build good relationships with customers and employees.

Job Gets Done

By being a company that hires disabled people, you are not only providing a job to someone who needs it but they will do the job just as well if not better than their non-disabled co-worker.

They are dedicated and thorough and will be meticulous with the detail. They are less distracted and tend to have developed good work habit and a lot of patience for themselves, and the small tasks that they used to be able to do without thinking, that now require care.

Personal Benefits

It can be very difficult for a person with disabilities to find meaningful employment, and it can lead to depression or illness. Hiring someone to work for your organization is giving someone more than just a job.

Being self-sufficient is important to all of us, and more so when you are faced with extra challenges. From recently recovering to born-with disabilities to the single mom or the returning veteran, it gives them hope, it gives everyone hope.

Hiring the disabled person will prove longlasting benefits for everyone, the worker, their families, their self-esteem and you will feel better by showing people that your company is all about diversity and giving back.

Companies that hire Disabled People are Winners

Opening your doors to people with disabilities is opening your mind, as well. There are also certain tax credits, hiring incentives and even paid work programs that your local or federal government may employ.

Even if you need to install a wheelchair ramp or widen the spaces between desks or aisles, it is still far more beneficial to hire a potential candidate with a disability than to just say no. There may be business or government grants and funding for the small accommodations you need to make.

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