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This job has expired.

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:


General Responsibility

Responsible for the overall management of the property to satisfy the requirements of the ownership and tenants, to preserve and increase the value and integrity of the properties and to meet the financial objectives of the ownership and management as well as all local regulations, to oversee all site staff/contractor work performance.



  1. Make policy, planning, and strategy decisions.
  2. Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures.
  3. Assist HR with recruiting when necessary.
  4. Help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale.
  5. Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing. 
  6. Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations.
  7. Work with the board of directors to determine values and mission, and plan for short and long-term goals.
  8. Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.
  9. Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
  10. Support worker communication with the management team


  1. Ensure the premises is ready for new occupants
  2. Maintain all statutory required records
  3. Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  4. Enforce terms of rental agreements


  1. Prepare and distribute monthly statements
  2. Ensure timely payments and collections
  3. Minimize rental arrears
  4. Coordinate default proceedings
  5. Schedule expenditures
  6. Check and pay invoices
  7. Prepare annual budgets
  8. Analyze and correct budget variances
  9. Keep accurate and up-to-date financial records
  10. Prepare monthly financial reports

Tenant relations

  1. Orient new tenants to the property
  2. Investigate and resolve site complaints and concerns
  3. Enforce occupancy policies and procedures
  4. Maintain timely communications with tenants

Staff management

  1. Hire, train and evaluate property staff
  2. Direct and control all personnel and resources to ensure property is properly maintained and owner objectives met
  3. Oversee staff duties and responsibilities to ensure satisfactory completion


  1. Monitor and ensure completion of maintenance and repairs timeously and cost-effectively
  2. Ensure security of premises and maintenance of security devices
  3. Organize incoming and outgoing inspections and prepare inspection reports
  4. Implement preventative maintenance programs
  5. Oversee capital improvement or repairs projects
  6. Manage outside vendors on site

Work Environment &Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to work flexibly both from office and site locations.
  • Sitting for a long period of time
  • Ability to travel to property sites or meetings with investors/sellers.


Sky Development Group is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment, where all employees and customers feel valued, respected, and supported. If you require any type of accommodation, please let the hiring manager know, and we will work with you to meet your needs.



This job has expired.